Floral Glow Bliss Set

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Wood Mist Scented Sachet
Herbarium Gel Light


Infuse natural joy into your life with the Floral Glow Bliss Set – a perfect blend of captivating scented wood and enchanting flower decorations.

Includes :
Wood Box
Herbarium Gel Light
Wood Mist Scented Sachet
Free Customized Greetings Card & Engraving (Corporate Logo / Names)

Specification :
Wood Box Size : 17x33x9 Cm
Weight : Approx. 1300 gr
Tumbler : 19,5x dia. 6,5 Cm

Scented Sachet Details
Capacity: 4ml
Durability : approx. 30x spray
Dimention Wood : 7,8 x 0,9 x 12,4 cm
Dimention Box : 10,2 x 5,3 x 21,9 cm

Variants :
Plants : Rosa Hybrida, Ilex Rotunda Thunb.
Different type of scent:
Top: White Rose.
Middle: Rosa SP.
Base: Rosa Damascena.

Sleep Ocean
Plants: Ilex Rotunda Thunb, Turritella Terebra, Starfish Coral Scallop.
Different type of scent:
Top: Coriander, Grapefruit, Bergamot Italy.
Middle: Mimosa, Rose, Orange blossom.
Base: Labdanum, Opoponax, Civet, Amber.

Orange Cinnamon
Plants: Cinnamomum Cassia, Citrus Sinensis, Sorghum Bicolor (L) Moench.
Different type of scent:
Top: Mandarin, Red Berries, Granny Smith.
Middle: Jasmine, Lily, Rose.
Base: Teakwood, Seawater.

Plants: Pepper Berry, Gypsophila Pine Needles
Different type of scent:
Top: Mandarin, Pear
Middle: Peony, Tuberose, Bourbon Rose
Base: Musk, Amberwood, Sandalwood

Plants: Sorghum Bicolor (L) Moench, Pine Needles, Eucalyptus Robusta Smith.
Different type of scent:
Top: Rosemary, Cardamom Ceylon, White Grapefruit.
Middle: Lavender England, Sea Breeze, Amberwood.
Base: Cedar, Leather, Suede, Vetiver.



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