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Dewdrop Reed Diffuser


Embrace the tranquility of Morning Dew Elegance – Like dew-kissed leaves embrace freshness and renew your senses. Every drop represents a fresh start, begin your day with the essence of serenity

Includes :
Wood Box
2x Gold Spoon
Roasted Tea
Classic Tea Porcelain
Tea Leaves Storage Jar
Dewdrop Reed Diffuser
Free Customized Greetings Card & Engraving (Corporate Logo / Names)

Wood Box Size : 32x32x10 Cm
Weight : Approx. 2000 gr
Spoon : 12×3 Cm
Tea Porcelain : 10x10x7,5 Cm
Tea Storage Jar : dia. 6×9,5 Cm

Diffuser Details:
Capacity : 140 ml
Durability : approx.1-2 months
Dimention : 5 x 5 x 19 cm
Box : 6,5 x 6,5 x 19,5 cm
Stick : 30 cm

Bright Orange
Plants: White grass, Citrus Sinensis, Sapphire Grass, Physalis peruviana (L)
Different type of scent :
Top: Bergamot, Orange.
Middle: Raspberry, Passion Fruit.
Base: Osmanthus, Magnolia.

Primm Flower
Plants: Gypsophila Paniculata, White grass, Canella Alba, Globe Amaranth.
Different type of scent :
Top: Lemon, Rose, Iris.
Middle: Lily of the valley, Ocean, Jasmine.
Base: Patchouli, Balsamroot, Ambergris.

Neat Herbs
Plants: Belis Perensis L, Pine Needles, Canella Alba, Football Pods.
Different type of scent :
Top: White Tea, Citrus.
Middle: Fig, Daisy, White Flora.
Base: Warm Woody.

Clarity Shell
Plants: Turritella Terebra, Cerastoderma Edule, Acropora Humilis, Ateroidea, Grain Sorghum, Sapphire Grass, Hydrangea Macrophylla.
Different type of scent :
Top: Sea Breeze.
Middle: Composite Floral.
Base: Animalic, Musk.



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